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Many people have anticipated for some time now the release of Lil Wayne’s SPECTRE by SUPRA shoe line. There have been rumors for a while concerning Lil Wayne’s collaboration with SUPRA shoes since last summer. The cat has finally been let out of the bag. Lil Wayne’s SPECTRE by SUPRA sneaker line launch date will be on May 18, 2013. Fans have always been thrilled by Lil Wayne’s shoe choice during concerts. He has been known to wear many different kinds of exclusive SUPRA shoes when performing or just simply when caught on camera. This has caused more of an awareness of the already well known SUPRA sneaker line. Everybody knows SUPRA for being the skate shoe. However, Lil Wayne’s goal is to see people who do not skate wear SPECTRE by SUPRA shoes as well.

Many people believe that SPECTRE by SUPRA is a signature shoe or an endorsement deal. Neither of these ideas are correct. SPECTRE by SUPRA is Lil Wayne’s shoe brand which reflects the essence of who he is, his music, his style, and his attitude. It is projected by Lil Wayne and others that this line is going to be absolutely off the charts. A “spectre” can be defined as something widely feared, sinister, haunting, and potentially dangerous. I’m sure you’ll agree that this pretty much sums up Lil Wayne’s music and what he is known for. SPECTRE by SUPRA will be a reflection of the one it represents, Lil Wayne.

SPECTRE by SUPRA will feature many different styles of sneakers/shoes. This full range of footwear will include everything from low to high top. Each pair of course will be infused with Lil Wayne’s signature. You are certain to be able to find something that you’ll like from the SPECTRE by SUPRA line.

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How did the Lil’ Wayne and SPECTRE by SUPRA collaboration come about?

Many people have inquired about how the SPECTRE by SUPRA line was initiated. It has been professed that SUPRA selected Lil Wayne after they became aware of his love for skateboarding. When you really think about it, the fact that Lil Wayne is a skateboarder gives him much more credibility to represent a skateboarding shoe line. It goes without saying that having someone such as Lil Wayne on your team will bring your brand heavy exposure. Rappers, skateboarders, fans, etc.. are all anticipating the release of his first shoe, the Supra Chimera. This off course will only be the beginning. What Lil Wayne has in store for SPECTRE by SUPRA is said to be groundbreaking. The kool thing is that Lil Wayne has been an avid SUPRA shoe rocker well before signing the deal with the company. His view on the collaboration is that it only makes sense to represent the people he has already been rocking with. This also speaks volumes concerning the genuineness for the brand. SPECTRE by SUPRA will represent the epitome of Lil Wayne’s total being as seen by the public eye. His style will be written on each shoe release. This is said to be a dynamic collaboration.

Lil Wayne proclaims that SUPRA has been down with him for a long time. He boasts proudfully about about his relationship with the sneaker company. Lil Wayne is proud of the support that SUPRA has always showed him throughout various kinds of endeavours. Everything from videos shoots to tours, it is said that SUPRA has always been in full support of Lil Wayne providing him with many shoes. This time around it will be his own shoe line, the anticipated, SPECTRE by SUPRA. Lil Wayne has said that the collaboration between him and SUPRA releasing the SPECTRE by SUPRA line was all their idea, and he just made a decision to go with it.

What Should You Expect From The SPECTRE by SUPRA line?

Definitely expect the designs of the SPECTRE by SUPRA releases to be bold and to fit Lil Wayne’s taste. Expect this footwear to be extremely different. For instance the Supra Chimera, which will be the first release from the SPECTRE by SUPRA line is more so a combination of a basketball shoe and a skate shoe. It has the look of a basketball show with the puffed out aesthetic of a skate shoe. Lil Wayne is a fan of both sports, hence the reason why he chose to merge the two styles. There are not many shoes on the market that fit this kind of design, which will certainly set this line apart from others. The color scheme of the SUPRA CHIMERA will be diverse as well. There will be different variations of the sneaker such as black, purple giraffe and print variation. As was stated initially the SPECTRE by SUPRA line will include everything from low to high top. Each shoe release will be mind blowing and breath taking. They definitely are said to leave you in awe.

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The main thing to keep in mind is that the SPECTRE by SUPRA line should not be compared to any other sneaker lines on the market. Some have said that the style of the SUPRA CHIMERA can be compared to Kanye’s Air Jeezy which is far from the case. Lil Wayne has chosen his shoe designs with the goal of there being a major differentiation between the SPECTRE by SUPRA brand and other shoe brands on the market. Lil Wayne has been innovative with his shoe designs. So if you are someone who likes to wear exclusive footwear the SPECTRE by SUPRA line is to die for.

A decision was made by Lil Wayne to have skater Chaz Ortiz as a part of the SPECTRE by SUPRA team. Chaz and Lil Wayne have been building a relationship for the past two years. When Lil Wayne visits Cali he and Chaz skate and hang out at times. Chaz had already been talking with some people at SUPRA before Lil wayne had picked him to be apart of the SPECTRE by SUPRA line, so it really worked out perfect and it was an on time decision. So presently it’s just Lil wayne and Chaz Ortiz apart of the team. SPECTRE by SUPRA will be releasing three styles to the line: Chimera, Griffin, Kondor. The Griffin is a skate inspired design and is the one Chaz is most hyped to skate in. All in all while some of the styles of footwear are inspired by skateboarding, SPECTRE by SUPRA is a lifestyle footwear brand that many sneaker heads will appreciate.